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Our Team

Current clients include manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, architects, lawyers, etc typically with turnover in the small-to-medium size range ($2m - $50m per annum), but also a number of very large (> $1bn) clients. 

Established for over 30 years, Proficio is an independent consulting firm providing 24/7 service in technology-related areas.

Recent initiatives include MLOps - implementing machine learning (AI) tools directly into production system workflows.  Examples include basket analysis prompting (you bought 'A', suggest 'B') and cluster analysis (grouping of customers into similar recency, frequency, monetary patterns to drive marketing).

Areas of Consulting


Pronto ERP

MYOB (Greentree) ERP

Legal Practice Management Systems

Windows Server and Hyper-V setups

Linux / Unix

​Exchange Server (on-prem and M365)

SQL - many flavours (SQL Server, Informix, Postgres, MySQL, etc.)

Large project ETL (extract-transform-load) as one-offs and in regular production.

Reporting Systems (Cognos, Crystal, Tableau)

Programming (python)

DBA functions (troubleshooting, setup, training)


We have had many articles published, with the most notable being over 10 years of monthly technology articles for the Law Institute Journal in Victoria. 

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